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Up Close: 2017 Star Wars The Last Jedi Cards

Posted by Rich on

Star Wars The Last Jedi Cards Now in Stock!

The new 2017 Topps Star Wars The Last Jedi (TLJ) trading card set features characters and scenes from Episode VIII. The series includes a 100-card base set and seven chase sets, including Illustrated (11), Blueprints and Schematics (8), Red Line Character Illustrations (8), Resist! (8), Die Cut Stickers (6), Rey Continuity (5), and Portraits (16). Base card parallels are available in Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and several hard-to-find numbered versions too. Special hits include autographs (with several numbered parallel versions), sketch cards, printing plates, and medallion cards (with numbered parallels).

Here are the highlights from my break. Enjoy!

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